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Month: July 2019

How much will insurance pay for a personal injury suit?

Jul 26, 2019
The insurance companies will only pay to the extent of their policy limits. In Virginia, if you have a policy at all, it’s going to be a minimum of $25,000....

What is a typical payout for a personal injury claim?

Jul 19, 2019
Putting your case together to determine the value or your payout, we look at the case value based on certain points. First point we’re looking at is your injury. Second...

What does personal injury protection cover?

Jul 12, 2019
  Virginia doesn’t have PIP which is known as Personal Injury Protection. Virginia has something called Medical Payment Coverage which we call MedPay for short. They are similar but the...

Where do I file a claim for personal injury? | Gee Law Firm

Jul 5, 2019
When you start talking about who and where it all depends on one understanding the law. This is what the insurance company’s not going to tell you. For instance, Virginia...