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Author: Amy Van Sant

Should I take the insurance company’s offer? | Gee Law Firm

Jun 21, 2019
If you say they offered me a certain amount of money and I don’t know the facts of your case, I don’t know the circumstances, I don’t truly know what...

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer? | Gee Law Firm

Jun 14, 2019
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZozyskzdwjQ&feature=youtu.be I believe most personal injury lawyers will tell you as soon as physically, emotionally possible. A lot of people just look at it, “Well, I’m going to see if...

What is the time limit to file a personal injury claim?

Jun 7, 2019
The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury for bodily injury is two years in Virginia unless you are a minor. In Virginia, the statute is such that if...

What is a personal injury claim? | Gee Law Firm

May 31, 2019
https://youtu.be/NuNqYBBp8o A personal injury claim is just an individual who’s been involved in some type of activity by which they got injured, whether it is by way of machinery that...

What Do I Do If I have A Personal Injury? | Gee Law Firm

May 24, 2019
The first thing that you need to do is to make sure you get yourself to as safe place as you can. If you are physically injured, you make sure...